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What do I do if my plants are damaged by Frost Burn?

What do I do if my plants are damaged by Frost Burn?

Here are a few ways to care for frost burnt plants

If your plants do get hit by a frost, the foliage will turn a blackish purple colour, more succulent leaved plants will turn to mush. It is best to leave this damaged foliage on the plants whilst the risk of a frost is still possible. Leaving the foliage on the plants will act as a barrier or protection to the rest of the plants for the remaining cool weather so hopefully the crown of the plant is not damaged and once the warmer weather starts it will reshoot. An example of this may be some species soft wooded perennials or herbaceous plants. At this time of year their flowers and foliage might start looking a bit tired and after a heavy frost they may look even worse however you need to put up with the ugly foliage because most likely there are new shoots starting at the base of the foliage. This old foliage will be protecting all of those new baby shoots. No matter how tempting it is leave the foliage on the plants.

I would then recommend that you treat the plants as you would normally. Continue to water as needed through winter. If another heavy frost is expected give them a good water 24 hours before the frost, also do regular treatment with a seaweed emulsion. The damaged foliage will never recover but hopefully the continued care for your plants will ensure they are not damaged any further.

Glenice Buck