Garden Tasks for April

Garden Tasks for April

It is a busy time in the garden at the moment. I love the crisp mornings they seem to give me energy and encouragement to get working in the garden.  Time spent now in the garden will be well spent to prepare your garden for the colder months.

Time is running out to purchase and plant your spring bulbs for a comprehensive guide go to our blog post from this time last year. Click here Don’t forget to let me know if you would like to purchase any locally grown bulbs from our garden at “The Berkshires”. 

It is planting time !! So get digging and get those plants in the ground.  Now is a great time to plant most plants as the ground is still warm so these plants will settle in quickly.  Autumn really is the best time to plant out your garden.

Cut back dead flowers on summer flowering plants

Give the garden a good shaping – start shaping hedges and climbers

Start lifting and dividing your spring flowering perennial plants.  It is always such a gift when one plant can become four plants.  You can spread them out in other spots in your garden or you can give some away to friends.  Now is the time to divide agapanthus, society garlic, summer flowering salvias, Ornamental grasses, day lilies

In the Veggie Garden start planting out beetroot, regular peas, snow peas, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, broad beans, carrots, sugar snap peas, chives, leek, salad greens, swede, turnip, parsnip, onions and radish.

Plant out some winter flowering plants such as poppies, calendula, pansy, cineraria and chrysanthemums

Feed all garden beds with an organic pellet fertiliser.  We are using Neutrog’s Seamungus.  Always  remember to water fertiliser in well.

Fertilise your lawns with a granular fertiliser.  Ideally if you aim to have the fertiliser spread before a rain, this will save you having to water it in as much. If you do have a large number of weeds through your lawn you could do a broadleaf spray herbicide through the lawn areas.  

Start to mulch all beds.

Now is a good time to repot your indoor plants, liquid fertilise and ensure they have a good light position for the winter months.

Autumn is a great time to start a compost bin with all of your deciduous leaves.

Glenice Buck