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GBD provides a landscape design consultation service where we discuss your vision for the garden and we give you some of our ideas and advice on what would be possible to achieve. It is this initial consultation which is the most important for the whole project as it will determine the lay of the land and what steps are next. We are able to prepare planting plans, concept plans, landscape plans and specifications for development applications for local government. 

Design styles all vary depending on the architectural style of the buildings and the client’s needs. We aim to create gardens that please all the senses – they have to look fantastic, have an inviting feel, they can be edible and be fragrant. If they are filled with the sounds of birds and people using them and enjoying them then we have succeeded. For all our completed gardens we provide an ongoing horticultural advice and planting service.

Arboricultural Consulting

GBD provides arboricultural consultations for residential, commercial and council tree work. We are able to prepare all arboricultural documentation needed for your development applications for local government. Our services include but are not limited to tree reports, tree protection plans, pre development tree assessment reports, tree management plans and tree surveys.

Our experience in the Landscape Design Industry allows us to understand design concepts and construction methods and the way these can affect trees with a high significance value

Horticultural Advice

GBD provides garden consultations to assess your existing garden, answer your garden queries, make suggestions for suitable plantings, and provide a garden management plan for you. We have access to the best nurseries in Australia, so we can source those plants needed in your garden.

Garden Management

We are qualified horticulturists with over twenty year’s experience, in the horticulture industry. We can offer you a full garden maintenance package from site preparation, planting and ongoing garden care. Whether it is regular maintenance or a one off project the team at Glenice Buck Designs Garden Management can help you meet the needs of your garden.

Services we can provide;

  • Seasonal garden management plans
  • Weeding,
  • Pruning,
  • Fertilising,
  • Mulching,
  • New installs, upgrades and service checks,
  • Garden plantings,
  • New garden installations
  • Irrigation
  • Lawn care

Virtual Garden Consultations

(For landscape design, horticultural advice and garden coaching)  

Whilst physically seeing a garden in person is always a bonus we can provide virtual consultation for those gardens that may be further afield or a virtual consult may suit you better. The virtual consult could be used for garden coaching, for garden advice or even for landscape design.  You may just need some one off advice on one section of the garden or an assessment on the total area.  These virtual consults will run in the same way our onsite consultations work.  The only difference is that we may ask you to send across a rough plan of the garden, and some images or videos of the site before we have our consult. 

Garden Coaching

The art of gardening is something that you can learn an immense amount about by reading books, subscribing to blogs, purchasing magazines and watching You Tube videos however having hands on practical knowledge onsite with you is priceless. We can work with you in your garden to teach you about your garden.  Our team has been coaching clients in their gardens for over fifteen years. We can break the garden down in to its individual plants. We can identify them for you, show you how to care for them in the short term and then how to manage the total garden in the long term.  You need to understand each individual part of the garden for it to work successfully as a complete space. We can show you how to prune, weed, mulch, fertilise, treat plant pests and diseases, care for your lawn, maintain an irrigation system and complete seasonal garden tasks

Garden Workshops

Glenice has been presenting garden workshops at garden centres, in people’s home gardens, public gardens, her home garden studio and at the garden she created in Young at “The Berkshires” for the last six years. Presenting a range of topics from garden basics, how to create a garden, how to create a landscape design, case studies on her own garden design projects, plant selection, planting layout and style and her top picks for trees, shrubs, groundcovers for your garden. These workshops can be hands on demonstrations with audience participation or they can be more of a conference lecture style. All workshops are customised to suit the attendees, the location and the season.

Freelance Garden Writing

Glenice has completed articles for Oasis Magazine, Landscape Outlook, Backyard Garden Design Ideas, Good Garden Design and the Hort Journal. Glenice has also written for numerous garden blogs and horticultural websites such as Garden Drum and the Home Design Market. Glenice also has a regular segment called Design Elements on Real World Gardener with Marianne Cannon. This is aired on Wednesdays from 5pm on 2RRR in Sydney or at 830am on Saturday with 2YYY in Young. This program can also be podcast from

If you have a landscaping project you wish to discuss please get in touch, happy to discuss