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Welcome to New Subscribers

Welcome to New Subscribers

Ways to gather weekly garden tips

HELLO AND WELCOME.  I thought I would let you know about two of my regular weekly posts on my social media that should give you some more garden information, inspiration and hints. 
Every Monday I do a post that will focus on one aspect of designing a garden. Whether you are designing your space or working with a professional landscape designer these tips will be practical hints that you can use as a guideline when you are creating your outdoor space. It will be a garden design tip that you can take into consideration or use when you are designing the total layout of your garden or even just one section of your garden. These are elements I always consider when designing a garden. Even if you are working with a professional garden designer they will help you, as the client to look at your garden from a different angle with the aim of creating a garden that is functional, liveable and beautiful.  
Let me know if you have any questions.
Every Wednesday for the last six months I have been curating a Plant of the Moment column which features plants that are looking outstanding at that moment in the season here at the garden at “The Berkshires”.  We are located about 15 Km North West of Young.  The plant which could be a tree, shrub, grass, perennial or ground cover is tried and trusted to survive the drought conditions here through Summer and the frosts of Winter. It will tick every box – pretty flowers and or interesting foliage and a hardiness to all conditions. It will be a plant that I have planted out in other gardens, so I know how well it survives. These WON’T be plants that only look good for a day or two a year or species that need lots of extra tender loving care. All plants will need water to get established and need good soil preparation prior to planting.  The soil preparation is the key to all plants surviving well in any garden.   Hopefully, you will find some species that you can use in your garden
If you would like to see these weekly posts head over and follow me on Instagram go here. To follow me on Facebook go here.  You will also find on my Insta page that I have started doing some regular garden tour series on my IGTV –  all of these can be viewed on my instagram page.

I hope you find these posts interesting and informative. 

Glenice Buck