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Styled Elegance

Contemporary, Urban
About This Project

This elevated front garden is perched on a hillside well above street level, it has fabulous views and all walls of the house are glass which means the garden had to look good from all angles. The irregular shape of the garden and the strong horizontal lines of the house meant that anything linear in form in the garden would look too formal or even clash with the architecture. We decided to use circles to define the space. This meant creating rounded platform like paved areas which are connected with stepping stones to guide you through the garden. A central circular paved area is the largest platform this is a place for lounge chairs, bean bags or even a table and chairs- it is surrounded by spherical styled shrubs and perennials. Extra large sandstone flagstones were cut free form on site. These are used as stepping stones through the space. A corner semi circular sandstone platform was designed at one end of the garden. This is a space for relaxation, a bespoke “L” shaped timber bench was constructed on site under the arms of mature Frangipanis. This is set in the corner to create a nook for privacy and contemplation. The plant selection was determined by hardy perennials and shrubs such as Leucodendron, Salvias, Dwarf Oleanders, Echiums, and Liriope grasses. We planted out a mixture of Sedum species as ground covers between the stepping stones. Two Dracena dracos were used as feature trees to give a bold effect and to eventually give more height to the space.