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Pollination Show Garden At Grand Designs Live

Contemporary, Urban
About This Project

Pollination was designed to focus on creating a relaxing space for people to enjoy the outdoors and a place for bees to forage in a city environment. In the creation of this garden we have aimed to have both an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor area. The theme or message of this show garden was to highlight the importance of bees in the urban environment.

The three walls of the garden were treated in different styles so there were unique views in each direction. A Mondrian-style wall formed the back drop of the garden, painted in soothing pastels of the garden’s theme colours of green, pink and purple. A recycled timber skeleton wall echoing those same shapes gave a sense of enclosure while allowing glimpses into the garden. The third side wall had seed-pod shaped hanging sculptures, planted with succulents to make a low-maintenance green wall. The hanging bee hotels and the hanging succulent sculptures were designed to be functional decorative sculptures. We used many silver, purple, pink, green flowering plants such as Lavender, Escallonia, Leucodendrons, Raphiolepis, Arthropodium, Thyme, Euphorbia, Dianella, and Helichrysum. These were chosen not just for their flowering but for leaf colour, shape, texture and form.