Shady Woodland

About This Project

We were asked to rework this section of the garden which sits under established deciduous trees. The aim was to create a space that could be accessed easily, improve the flow from the other sections of garden, make the space more inviting so that you are drawn into the area.

We began the design by creating a solid paved area at the entrance of the space to mark the entrance and to also act as a transition zone between the other sections of the garden. This also had the added advantage of allowing us to remove a section of grass that wasn’t growing so well in the shade. From this area we used sawn pieces of sandstone laid out as stepping stones through the space so as to meander under the trees.

The existing mature deciduous trees provided the framework or bones of the garden, they also guided us towards the plant selection and design style. We chose a woodland style with many different shrubs, perennials and ground covers. All have contrasting leaf colour, texture, shape and size. We have used Elaeocarpus Eumundii and Waterhousea “Luscious” as the screening plants to give an evergreen back drop. Then we used the mid level plantings of Justicia adhadota, and Strobilanthes flaccioides to give some secondary screening, softening and flowers. The lower level plantings is filled with the strappy leaves of Arthropodium, Indian Hawthorne and Hydrangea. The groundcover level of plantings is covered with Helichrysum, Japanese Wind Flowers and Liriopes.