Plants in Bloom

Plants in Bloom

With our garden maintenance business we have the unique experience to be travelling around this region visiting our clients and their gardens. We travel up to 2 hours in any direction from Young for our garden maintenance clients and we will travel even further for our garden design consults. We do have the opportunity to see such a wide range of plant species. Below I share with you the flowering plants (for October) that I think are reliable, hardy and definitely worth growing in your garden. By sharing the names of the plants when they are flowering, I hope you can then select plants for locations in your garden that might need some hits of colour at that particular time of year.  I know this newsletter goes out to people located all over Australia and other parts of the world. As a general guide if you live further north east of Young or on the coast I would say the plants listed here are flowering 3 – 4 weeks  or so earlier. If you live further south most likely these plants will be a few weeks later. I have listed out the top ten plants that are in flower at the moment in the gardens at The Berkshires and around the Hilltops region below.  I hope this gives you some plant inspiration.

Plants in Bloom for October

1 Wisteria spp

2 Ceanothus spp

3 Bearded Iris and Dutch Iris

4 Beschoneria yuccoides

5 Natives – Acacia and Grevillea

6 Lilacs

7 May Bush – Spirea

8 Statice – Limonium

9 Roses – the first one to bud up in our Rose collection is the “Wedding Anniversary” Rose

10 All the spring flowering trees – Pyrus, Malus, Prunus, Cercis and Magnolia (see the article below about Tree Selection for more info on these trees)

Glenice Buck