Plants In Bloom For November

Plants In Bloom For November

Plants in Bloom
Many of the plants we listed out in last months top 10 list are continuing to flower around the Hilltops region.  I have to make special mention here for all species of Iris this year – Wow! what a show they have put on for the last two months.  Commencing with the Dutch Iris, then the Bearded Iris and now the Louisiana Iris are starting.  I have to find space for some of all species in my own garden. Here are some more that have started this month.  

-Malus ionenis have been superb this year and are always a little later than other species of Malus

-Poppies of all descriptions – Iceland, Oriental, Californian

-Love in the Mist (Nigella spp)

-Society Garlic and Onion Chives

-Heatwave collection Salvias

-Indian Hawthorne

-Sweet Peas


-Jasmine polyanthum (the more common – The Chinese Start Jasmine is budding up nicely also)

-All of the Daisy species such the  African Daisy and Seaside Daisy

Glenice Buck