Urban Jungle

Contemporary, Urban
About This Project

This lush tropical planting surrounds an inner city bungalow. The front garden has two yellow frangipani trees which are planted as feature trees and give a delicious scent to the space in summer. Surrounding these trees there are brightly coloured hibiscus trees and mass plantings of Gardenias, Spider Lilies and Cannas Lilies. The vertical surfaces in this garden are covered with different climbers such as Mandevilla, Jasmine, Beaumontia and Climbing Frangipani. These plantings blur the defined lines of the boundary and give the impression the garden is bigger than what it is. The side garden has become a mini oasis of Abyssinian Bananas, Walking Stick and Parlour Palms these are then under planted with Ixora, Bromeliads and Ajuga. The taller plants soften the side walls of the house and provide a canopy to the lower layers of planting.