Contemporary Country Style 2

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About This Project

Using the rear door as the central axis for the back garden area we designed a central staircase to give access to the back garden with a curved retaining wall running off each wing wall of the stairs. By curving the wall it means the wall visually does not cut off the back garden from the house. We also designed a curved narrow pond which runs along the base of the wall at ground level and follows the shape of the wall. It runs underneath the base of the stairs. We then have 15 brass taps which are installed in the wall and act as water spouts. The plant selection for the back garden was determined by the need for some shade to the back of the house but also not to block out any views from further up the slope. We have maintained the sloping land within the garden beds and designed the plant layout to repeat the curve of the wall. The row of Manzanillo Olives which we have planted along the top of the garden bed will give some shade but will also be able to be shaped to a manageable size. We have alternated these with crepe myrtles which are planted lower on the bank to give some flowers in summer. Under planting these we have used rows of Buxus hedging which will be pruned in organic shapes alternating with rows of Santolina. Lower in the bank we have used a mixture of flowering perennials such as Giant Hyssop, Winter Daisy and Blanket Flowers