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Portfolio Category: Projects

Urban Jungle

This lush tropical planting surrounds an inner city bungalow. The front garden has two yellow frangipani trees which are planted as feature trees and give a delicious scent to the space in summer. Surrounding these trees there are brightly coloured hibiscus trees and mass plantings of Gardenias, Spider Lilies and Cannas Lilies. The vertical surfaces…
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Coastal Living

Front line salt and wind are always a challenge for plant selection. In this project we chose a simple potted planting of Giant Jade “Blue Bird”. They will survive the difficult conditions and not require too much attention in watering throughout the year. This is a sculptural planting which is simple and elegant
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Contemporary Country Style 2

Using the rear door as the central axis for the back garden area we designed a central staircase to give access to the back garden with a curved retaining wall running off each wing wall of the stairs. By curving the wall it means the wall visually does not cut off the back garden from…
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Contemporary Country Style 1

This five acre country garden had been used as a paddock for cattle grazing and crop sowing for the previous 100 years. Turning a paddock into a garden is a challenging process but we are now five years into this project and it is growing well. The front garden was designed to have a level…
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Form and Function

A simple sandstone wall was needed to retain the sloping garden at the front of the home. Sawn sandstone blocks in random sizes were used to construct the curved wall. The sinuous line of the wall with the varying heights means the garden is not dissected in two. Rather the retained garden bed flows naturally…
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Classic Country

This garden is located in the Hudson Valley of Up State New York it surrounds a 115 year old barn. The curved ornamental garden beds surrounded by lawn were planted out with a mixture of flowers and shrubs to attract bee, birds and butterflies. We wanted there to be many flowering plants which can be…
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Pollination Show Garden At Grand Designs Live

Pollination was designed to focus on creating a relaxing space for people to enjoy the outdoors and a place for bees to forage in a city environment. In the creation of this garden we have aimed to have both an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor area. The theme or message of this show garden was…
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An Orchard Retreat

This suburban garden has over 10 varieties of fruit trees planted out in ornamental garden beds. The fruit trees are under planted with mass plantings of Liriope” Big Blue” and yellow flowering Day Lilies. The decomposed granite curved pathway leads you through the space to a rustic timber bench at the back of the garden.…
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Styled Elegance

This elevated front garden is perched on a hillside well above street level, it has fabulous views and all walls of the house are glass which means the garden had to look good from all angles. The irregular shape of the garden and the strong horizontal lines of the house meant that anything linear in…
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